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Leo Damario is a young avant-garde filmmaker and "the cinematographic figure closest to the pop culture of rock" according to the critics. Responsible for several feature films of pop culture such as Resentinental and Olympia and others, a documentary maker of bands like Babasónicos and a favorite of artists like Miranda! And Andrés Calamaro who said of him "It's the true rockstar of the cinema".

It combines the direction of actors and celebreties with an beauty as personal as competitive works.
He has directed Graciela Borges, Mercedes Moran, Edda Bustamante, Alejandro Awada, Giancarlo Gianini, Natalia Oreiro and the top Chloe Bello among others celebs.

He won advertising awards with his campaigns for Unilever and directed commercial pieces for agencies such as Ogilvy, Ponce and JWT and brands such as Coca Cola, Sedal and Santander Rio among others.


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